Quality Assurance

Recognising the need to provide the highest levels of quality, reproducibility and service, Hardchrome Engineering is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 by SAI Global

Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in all its work locations and operations. We are embarking on the journey of zero harm policy.

Guiding Principles of Occupational Health and Safety:

Most work-related injuries are preventable.
Management has overall responsibility for preventing workplace illnesses and injury,and will be held accountable.
Every employee must assume responsibility for working safely.
Management will consult with workers, OHS committees, and health and safety representatives on OHS related issues affecting the workplace, to develop strategies for the prevention, identification, evaluation and control of hazards.
Company is committed to the implementation of continuous improvement of its health and safety programs.


Our activities cover a wide range of manufacturing, distribution and engineering operations, and as such, the Company recognises and accepts that concern for the Environment is an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and by promoting sustainability we will endeavour to make a positive contribution. Due to the diverse nature of our business activities, this policy is aimed at ensuring that all company activities are assessed and the
significant environmental impacts are measured with targets set for improving overall performance.

We are committed to:

a program of continual improvement and sustainability by encouraging sound
environmental management systems to be adopted within our Integrated Management. System (IMS) ensuring sufficient resources are available for the
implementation of this policy.
Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations,
standards, and to maintain our Register of Legislative Requirements.
The prevention of pollution and reducing any impacts of the Company’s
operations on the environment and local communities by assessing them in
advance and implementing mitigating strategies.
Developing objectives and targets to measure the extent of all potentially
significant environmental aspects and to monitor improvements achieved.
Developing meaningful indicators for the Company to report on energy,
waste and fuel consumption.
Operating and maintaining vehicles with due regard to the environment.

Assessing in advance environmental impacts on new processes, products and operations and ensuring in the design stage environmental impacts are minimized.
Monitoring waste production (products and packaging) and seeking to
reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.
Encouraging our supply chain to share our environmental commitments.
Provide relevant training and inform and instruct all management and
employees to ensure they are able to perform their duties in conjunction with
fabrication, installation, maintenance and consultancy to commercial clients
throughout Australia.

Certificate QEC20247 20180419-HES