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About Us

Founded in 1968, Hardchrome Engineering is recognised as an industry leader in Surface Technology and Heat Treatment.

With two facilities located in Victoria – one at Pakenham, Melbourne, Australia, the other at Yallourn in the LaTrobe Valley – Hardchrome Engineering provides services to a broad range of industry sectors and clients.

Demand for new and improved processes has encouraged us to expand from our start-up hardchroming applications to one of Australia’s largest industrial Surface Technology and Heat Treatment Specialists. Our skilled team of people across our business units (including a metallurgist and chemical engineer) ensures the focus is always on achieving high quality production which is paramount to our ongoing success.

From small machine components to large mill rolls for the steel and aluminium industries, Hardchrome Engineering will go the extra mile to provide customised solutions to extend the in-service life of expensive capital equipment thereby reducing maintenance costs to industry.

Manufacturing technology is developing at ever increasing rates. This development is continually pushing the boundaries of materials and surface technologies.

Hardchrome Engineering strives to remain at the forefront of materials engineering by a combination of Investment in new Technologies, Training our People and Research and Development.

Our processes and technologies cover a wide range including 8 Laser Cladding Systems, Laser Welding, Chrome and Nickel Plating, Hydraulic component refurbishment and manufacture, application of polymeric, metallic and composite coatings and state of the art fully automated and computerised Heat Treatment, Vacuum Furnace and Nitriding Furnace technologies.

Core Values


From running our own fleet of trucks to guarantee timely and un-damaged delivery of finished components, Hardchrome Engineering consistently demonstrates Customer Focus – truly a linchpin to our ongoing success.


With specialised equipment and processes comes the need for specialised people and ongoing training to keep in front of technology. We are proud of all our operators, tradespeople and admin staff from the front end to the back end of our businesses.


Hardchrome Engineering was established as a family business run with the very best of values that we all know so well – honesty, integrity, reliability – proudly still a family business with the same emphasis on values.

Quality Assurance

Recognising the importance in providing the highest levels of quality, reproducibility and service, Hardchrome Engineering is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 by SAI Global. In support of this accreditation we have a full-time Quality Manager on our team covering both of our shops.

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