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HardFuse Plate

Tungsten Carbide Wear Plate developed and manufactured in Australia by Hardchrome Engineering for the most extreme, aggressive abrasive or erosive environments combined with some impact

A blend of fine cast and spherical tungsten carbide powder in a Nickel matrix offering high temperature and corrosion resistance combined with extreme wear resistance

Backing Plate of mild steel as thin as 2mm for reduced square metre weight and safer handling where access may be a challenge when fitting wear plates

Thicker Backing Plate (up to 25mm) available where structural integrity from the plate is more of a requirement

Highest abrasion resistance to fine particles at low angle of impingement and high velocity

Very smooth and flat deposit for lowest frictional resistance

Maximum individual plate size is 1m long x 0.85m wide. Plates can be welded together.

HardFuse Plate

Can be formed or rolled into pipe – diameter depends on thickness of the plate

Can be laser, waterjet or plasma cut to shape

Can be patch repaired in-situ using an oxy/acetylene puffer torch

Is available in multiple combinations of plate and tungsten carbide thicknesses i.e 2mm of WC on 4mm of Mild Steel. 2 on 2, 6 on 2, 4 on 4, 6 on 12 etc

Aplications Include

  • ID Fan Cowlings
  • ID Fan Blades
  • Chute Liners
  • Lobster Backs in materials handling
  • Guides Plates
  • Micronisers
  • Hoppers
  • High Wear Pipelines
  • Reducers
  • Screens
  • Scraper Blades
  • ‘Tack-On’ Wear Strips
  • Wear Plates


At last – a solution to those extreme wear applications is here! Highest concentration of tungsten carbide that can be achieved from this process

Tailored roll forming to suit your requirements

Low cost in-situ repairs can be made to patch up wear spots

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