About Us

Founded in 1968, Hardchrome Engineering is recognised as an industry leader in surface technology and heat treatment.

With a large scale facility in Melbourne, Australia, Hardchrome Engineering services a broad range of industry sectors and clients.

Demand for new and improved processes has required us to expand from our initial hardchrome applications, to one of Australia’s largest industrial surface technology and heat treatment specialists. A highly skilled work force including fully qualified metallurgists and chemical engineers ensures high product quality and fast turnarounds.

From small machine components to large mill rolls for the steel and aluminum industries, Hardchrome Engineering specialises in providing customised solutions for any application with every job being specifically tailored to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

Manufacturing technology is developing at ever increasing rates. This development is continually pushing the boundaries of materials and surface technologies.

Hardchrome Engineering strives to remain at the forefront of materials engineering by a combination of investment in new technologies and research and development.

Our processes and technologies cover a wide range including Laser cladding, chrome and Nickle plating, Hydraulic component repair and manufacture, application of polymeric, metallic and composite coatings and state of the art fully automated and computerised heat treatment and Nitriding furnace technologies.