Hardchrome Engineering Services products are made with reliable and proven equipment and processes under strict guidance from management and customer requirements. We focus on quality and providing the optimum solution to our clients’ maintenance and breakdown requirements. We provide a wide range of engineering solutions to significantly extend the life of expensive equipment.
HES has the capability to carry out wind turbine gearbox repair and overhaul.
Makes concerned are Hansen and Lohman.

Work includes:

Pinion Shaft inspection and repair.
Hollow shaft inspection and bearing change.
Sun Gear spline inspections
Planetary Gear bearing change.
Dimensional checks on Pins, Covers, Main Case, Planetary Gears, Pinion Shafts, Hollow Shafts, Intermediate Shafts, and Planetary Carrier.
Gear teeth missing checks.
Magnetic Particle Inspection to AS/NZ 1171-1998.

We have achieved our number one position by offering quick turnaround, top quality, state of the art upgrades all at modest prices. Typical turnaround is 4- 6 weeks but repairs can be done in as little as 5- 10 working days.